asclFelicity has experience of cybercrime and cyber rights issues both as an international barrister and academic researcher. 

At the independent Bar, Felicity has dealt with numerous cases involving major, serious and complex cyber-crime, often with an international element. Her significant trial and appellate experience has led to an expertise in online offending in the context of online abuse and exploitation, money laundering and online investment fraud. She has, for example, used data and metadata as evidence in criminal cases and recently advised on a high profile claim for defamation on twitter. Her academic research focusses on data and rights, particularly in the context of violence against women and girls and the rule of law online.

She is Chair of the Research and Research Training Committee in the School of Law at Charles Darwin University where she is developing the new Science and Law Unit and has published papers on the use of technology to combat human trafficking, the Google and Microsoft cases in the context of human rights and transnational evidence collection. She also provided a report for the ILRC of the American Bar Association Justice Defenders Programme on the draft cyber law for Cambodia.



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