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Felicity presenting at the Australian Bar Association Convergence Conference

July 11, 2019 - July 12, 2019

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Felicity presenting at the International Social Service Australia Symposium on Cross-Border Surrogacy

December 13, 2018
The Symposium takes place at Deloitte, Canberra Airport.

For further details click here.

Felicity attending Survive and Thrive Programme 'How to future-proof your skills in the digital age' at The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, London

November 15, 2018
More info here.

Felicity speaking at the 'Diversity and the Law' event at ELSA Queen Mary University of London

October 31, 2018

Felicity to speak at the British-Albanian Lawyers Association talk "Murder, Rape and Terrorism: A day in the life of a woman Queen's Counsel"

October 30, 2018
Further details here.

Felicity to speak at Joint Enterprise Appeals - second of the CCRC lecture series - "Have the Courts of England & Wales lost sight of justice?”

July 12, 2018

A new CCRC Stakeholder Forum and Lecture Series starting 2018

12th February 2018
The Criminal Cases Review Commission is launching two new significant stakeholder engagement initiatives.

A new CCRC Lecture Series will start on April 25th with a lecture by Sir Brian Leveson called The Pursuit of Criminal Justice. Sir Brian Leveson is Head of Criminal Justice in  England and Wales, President of the Queen’s Bench Division and the author of the 2015 Review of Efficiency of Criminal Proceedings.

This inaugural lecture, and the new stakeholder forum, will be hosted by University College London’s Judicial Institute.

CCRC Commissioner David James Smith said “The Commission is delighted that Sir Brian, one of our most senior judges and the new Head of Criminal Justice, has agreed to give the first ever CCRC Lecture.  We hope the lecture series will stimulate wider debate about important issues facing the CCRC and the criminal justice system more widely.“

The inaugural CCRC lecture will take place at 6pm on 25 April at UCL Faculty of Laws Bentham House, and will be followed by a Q&A session. Attendance at the lecture is by invitation and there is limited availability. Anyone wishing to express an interest in attending the lecture should let us know by sending an email to:

A new CCRC stakeholder forum will meet for the first time on 25 April at UCL in the afternoon before the inaugural lecture. The forum is designed to promote dialogue and understanding between the Commission and a cross section of its key stakeholders and users.

The new stakeholder forum was first mooted in public by David James Smith at the CCRC’S 20th anniversary conference in November last year.  He said: “I hope this will be the start of a new phase of greater transparency and openness at the CCRC at a critical time for criminal justice. We aim to put the CCRC at the centre of the debate about wrongful convictions. CCRC staff and Commissioners are looking forward to engaging with stakeholders and users at the new forum and we are always receptive to ideas for improved ways of working.

The forum will be open to a limited number of stakeholders by invitation. Anyone wishing to express an interest should email us at:

Commissioner David James Smith acknowledged the support of UCL in the new ventures: “Professor Cheryl Thomas of UCL’s Judicial Institute has been an invaluable academic advisor to the CCRC’s Research Committee, and we very much appreciate her and UCL’s support in hosting our new Lecture Series and Stakeholder Forum.”

  • The second lecture, “Joint Enterprise Appeals – have the Courts of England & Wales lost sight of justice?” will be given by Felicity Gerry QC on Thursday, 12 July 2018 at UCL, following the second meeting of the Stakeholder Forum that same afternoon at UCL.

  • A third lecture and forum are expected to take plane at UCL in November 2018.

Felicity to speak at the Criminal Cases Review Commission Second Lecture: “Joint Enterprise Appeals: Have the Courts of England & Wales Lost Sight of Justice?"

July 12, 2018
Speech can be found here.

Felicity speaking at Panel discussion at the Royal College of Midwives - ‘A Call to Act to End FGM’

May 24, 2018
Full details here.

Felicity Gerry QC will be speaking at the Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine Annual Conference

May 12, 2018
Royal College of Physicians, 11 St Andrews Place, London, NW1 4LE
Under the title Experiences of cases involving sexual offending – an international perspective, Felicity will speak on the hot topics involving sexual offending including the effects of the #MeToo movement, the effectiveness of Royal Commissions and Inquiries, mandatory reporting and FGM, mixed DNA profiles and STRMix and the law on transmission of HIV.

Further info here.

Felicity Gerry QC lectures on human trafficking defences at LegalWise seminars

March 23, 2018
More info here

CPD SEMINAR SERIES: Accessorial liability in national and international courts after Jogee

February 27, 2018

Speaking at CCRC conference

November 2, 2017

Speaking at the CCRC post #Jogee

May 16, 2017

Speaking to foundation students at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford

May 9, 2017

Felicity delivering judicial workshop at CPA UK Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop on Modern Slavery

April 27, 2017

Felicity speaking on the women's leadership in politics panel at WomenForum 2017, The King’s College London Women & Politics Society

April 22, 2017
Full details here.

Speaking at the Women Forum 2017 at KCL

April 22, 2017
More info here.

Felicity will be speaking at the Second International Conference on Non-Adversarial Justice: Integrating Theory and Practice on defences and vulnerability

April 8, 2017
You can find out further information here.

The Commonwealth Lawyers Conference

March 20, 2017
More info here.

Felicity to speak on human trafficking and the Kim Jong-nam assassination at Hong Kong University

March 15, 2017

Read more info here.

I will speak on consent in experimental research at the Health and Law Workshop

February 28, 2017
More info here.

I will speak on rights of children with mental disabilities at the Child Rights Forum

February 27, 2017

View schedule of the event here.

View event slide presentation here.



Felicity attending Changing Contours of Criminal Justice Day Seminar and Book Launch at Oxford University

December 5, 2016
Place: The Cube, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, St Cross Building, Manor Road Oxford OX1 3UL

Changing Contours of Criminal Justice  is an edited collection of essays designed to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Oxford Centre for Criminology by exploring the changing contours of criminal justice over the past half century. The contributors to this volume were invited to reflect on the impact Oxford criminology has had on the discipline, providing a unique and critical discussion about the current state of criminal justice around the world and the origins and future implications of contemporary practice. All are internationally-renowned criminologists whose work has defined and often re-defined our understanding of criminal justice policy and literature.

More details here.

Women in prison: is the justice system fit for purpose?

November 8, 2016

Joshua Rozenberg QC (Chair), Legal Commentator and Journalist
The Rt Hon. the Lord Beith, House of Lords
John Cooper QC, 25 Bedford Row
Jenny Earle, Prison Reform Trust
Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws, House of Lords, Chair of Justice
Vicky Pryce, Economist and Business Consultant

Join Halsbury’s Law Exchange and their panel of experts as they:

  • Examine the way in which female offenders are treated by the sentencing system.

  • Consider whether there is a true, principled, case for reform.

  • Debate whether or not women ought to be treated differently to men and, if so, how that should be approached.

They will be releasing an accompanying policy paper shortly before the event, which has been written by Felicity Gerry QC and Lyndon Harris, which will raise issues for discussion and question the appropriateness of certain proposed reforms.

More details here.

Felicity attending the Female Fraud Forum "Top Women in Law"

October 20, 2016
More details here

LSNT CPD - 'Effective Use of Social Media in Litigation: Procedure, Evidence and Ethics'

July 29, 2016

Social media is an integral part of life in the 21st century yet it remains an uncharted territory for many lawyers. Whether it is a question of jurors twitting mid-trial from the jury box, service of a subpoena through Facebook or ethical considerations, no lawyer should remain unaware of their impact on litigation. While not every case warrants an extensive social media evaluation, it is a beneficial and useful tool in litigation while keeping in mind its ethical and legal pitfalls.
Please click here to view the program.

Sentencing Women & women in prison panel at Oxford University

June 4, 2016

Speaking at Talking Justice in Bendigo on "Justice in an age of global dislocation"

May 20, 2016
Since 2014 Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre has brought some of Australia’s finest writers and thinkers to Bendigo to talk about what ‘justice’ means in our contemporary world – and we’re pleased to announce that Talking Justice is returning to Bendigo in May for Law Week 2016! Watch the #TalkingJustice2016 video here

This year’s line-up of speakers and performers builds on this annual event’s strong foundation of passion, expertise, diversity and respect. And our 2016 program continues to reflect our desire to present alternative visions and to canvas issues from the local to the international. The program encompasses global dislocation, crime and punishment, gender equality and diversity, the creative journey, racism and local and global inequality.

Our moderator for Talking Justice 2016 is Martin Krygier. Martin is the Gordon Samuels Professor of Law and Social Theory, and Co-Director of the Network for Interdisciplinary Studies of Law at the University of NSW.

For more details, click here.

Speaking at Middle Temple Survive & Thrive series - Social Media - What's the point & how to use it successfully

May 12, 2016


Did you know:

  • 77% of the top 100 global companies use Twitter

  • 64% of consumers make purchase decision based on social media content

  • Social media accounts for 28% of the time people spend online

  • 40% of people don't tweet themselves, but watch other people tweet on Twitter

Intrigued? Whether you’re a social media critic or convert, these statistics demonstrate that we’re not maximising the opportunities offered by social media. Is social media understood, as it should be, as a vehicle through which we can build relationships, win business and broaden our knowledge globally? Sadly, we think currently it is not.

You can read more about the event here.

Delighted to present at the JengBA conference hosted by the Centre for Criminal Appeals

May 7, 2016
For a useful explanation read our blogs here and look out for further information on Article 7 issues, coming soon.

Presentation on #HumanTrafficking in ASEAN and #FreeMaryJane for Western Pacific Soroptimists in Sydney

April 30, 2016
To read more about the 20th Conference of Clubs of SISWP at Waterview in Bicentennial Park, Sydney, click here 

Speaking on #FGM and the law at “FGM is Everybody’s Business” for @NoFGM_Oz in Sydney

April 29, 2016
Register here.

To read more about #FGM in Australia click here 

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 23.30.40

Speaking at the Australian Catholic University in Sydney on Death and the Dowry System

April 28, 2016
The event title Dowry : Gender, Culture and Power chaired by Dr Devaki Monani
QC Felicity Gerry will give a key note on Women in Law
Dr Kyungja Jung from University of Technology Sydney (Korea and Violence against women)
Moushami Martin from Metro Assist Resource Centre Ashfield
Joint Paper presentation Dr Devaki Monani and QC Felicity Gerry on Gendercide and Dowry System.
Followed by Q&A.

Speaking to Young lawyers in Sydney about the legal implications of the R v Jogee decision on #Jointenterprise in Australia

April 27, 2016
Details to follow.

In the meantime, read the latest news on the case from @UKSupremeCourt website here.

Speaking on FGM and the law in Adelaide as part of the judicial development program for South Australian Magistrates

March 18, 2016

Charles Darwin University School of Law Transnational Law workshop

March 16, 2016
For more information, click here.

International Women’s Day – Legal Practice for Women Lawyers: ‘Pledge for Parity’

March 10, 2016
More details here.

Joint Enterprise Law Advisory Group Meeting in London

February 22, 2016

Felicity teaching cyber rights at UWS – Modern history of crime and punishment!

December 1, 2015
For details click here.

Felicity will speak at the Feminism in London event

October 24, 2015
Details here 

A masterclass on Special Measures and Vulnerable People in the Civil Courts for The Advocate’s Gateway by Heather Hallett LJ and Felicity Gerry QC

October 22, 2015
For more details click here.

Felicity to speak in the criminal justice breakout session of JUSTICE Human Rights Law Conference on human trafficking & joint enterprise murder

October 12, 2015
For more information, visit the JUSTICE website here.

Felicity presents at Law Society Northern Territory’s ‘2015 Mental Health Week’ Program

October 5, 2015
For further information - Click here

Felicity will give a presentation to lawyers from Reprieve on the intersection between human trafficking and drug trafficking in the context of death penalty cases

September 23, 2015

Felicity joins keynote panel at the 'Damned Whores and God's Police 40 years on' Conference - University of Technology, Sydney

September 21, 2015
For full details of the Conference, click here.

Felicity speaks to Family Planning NT on Female Genital mutilation under the title: 'FGM is child abuse: International obligations and enforcing the law - Can health professionals succeed where governments fear to tread?'

September 7, 2015
Felicity to take part in the Sexual and reproductive health seminar.

Felicity to speak at the midwifery seminar at Charles Darwin University

August 26, 2015
The aims of the seminar centre on informing contemporary midwifery practice with evidence to enhance and support the scope of midwifery practice in the Northern Territory. Felicity will speak on female genital mutilation.

For details click here.

Felicity is a trainer at Practical Advocacy Workshop 2015 in the NT

August 7, 2015
Click here for further information.

Felicity presenting to ANZFSS on science and law – Forensic science at the Bar

July 21, 2015
Felicity Gerry QC will present some of her stories from 21 years at the Criminal Bar including achieving an acquittal when a full DNA sample of her client was at the crime scene, going fishing for low copy number DNA, the effect of netting knickers, gait analysis from video footage, counting fingerprint whorls, using meta data in a child rape and other complex cases.

Planning meeting for Family Violence/FGM conference - Paula Ferrari (No FGM Australia)

July 18, 2015

Felicity taking part in FGM events

July 17, 2015
8.30-10am - Presentation: FGM Law in Australia Law Society SA

1pm-2pm - Meeting with Minister for Women Gail Gago (SA Gov) on combatting female genital mutilation in Australia

2.30-4pm - Round Table with Prof Freda Briggs, Khadija Gbla(SA Health/ No FGM Australia), Paula Ferrari(No FGM Australia), Cr Marijka Ryan(Campbelltown Council), Sally Cox (No FGM Australia) on strategies for addressing FGM as a child protection issue in Australia

Felicity will be in China to represent the School of Law at Charles Darwin University at the 4TH SINO-AUSTRALIAN LAW DEANS’ CONFERENCE – 28th to 29th September 2014

Felicity will deliver a paper on the topic Options for implementing a co-operative program (or programs) for cultivating distinguished legal talents in China and Australia and the role of technology in facilitating those programs.


Felicity Gerry QC to host the televised section of the Gender Equality Policy Forum for the G20 Summit in Canberra – Wednesday 24th September at 4pm

The public session will be televised by the Australian Public Affairs Channel . Topics will include the following:

  • What has the latest research told us about the relationship between female participation in formal employment and GDP?
  • What progress has the G20 made and what more can G20 members do?
  • What should be the response to responsibilities for unpaid care work and time use issues?

more info

First-of-its kind forum at ANU focuses on issues of gender equality, ahead of G20 meeting in Brisbane – more info | news story

Listen to the podcast of Senator Cash’s speech here.


Felicity will deliver a video recorded speech at the UK Midwifery Conference on FGM and the Law – 15th September 2014

more info


Felicity will be in Cambodia conducting research on transnational organised crime in the context of human trafficking and taking part in the Hagar Justice Tour – 5th to 10th September 2014

more info and here

Felicity delivered a speech on mentoring young lawyers at NTWLA event – 8th August 2014

read speech


Felicity will speak at the East Timor premiere of the Not My Life Movie on lawyers duties to trafficked victims in East Timor at the joint conference to be held by NTBA in association with Charles Darwin University Law School – 7th July 2014

more info  |  conference flyer


Felicity will be presenting a workshop “LGBT: Legal Reform after Sochi” as part of the Human Rights Forum at the 3rd Asia Pacific Out Games in Darwin, Australia – 14 – 16th May 2014

Human Rights Forum Darwin copy

To see the highlighting of homophobic violence at harassment at Sochi by Human Rights Watch click here

To sign the petition “Sochi: Equality is not a game” click here

more info


Felicity will be speaking at the Defining the Sensor Society Conference at the University of Queensland, Australia – 8 – 9th May 2014

The title of her paper is ‘The Rule of Law online: You can’t steal cakes that Google haven’t baked’.  Hosted in conjunction with the TC Beirne School of Law, this multi-disciplinary conference explores theoretical, empirical, legal and historical approaches to the sensor society.

more info


Felicity to speak on Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery at the Not My Life Screening Event in Sydney, Australia at an event jointly hosted by Network, Hillel and Encounters to raise awareness and spark conversation surrounding this topic – 3rd April 2014


The layout of the event will be a movie screening of ‘Not My Life’ followed by 2 speakers and then a question and answer section.


Felicity will attend the launch of the Griffith Journal of Law & Human Dignity special issue ‘Woman and Violence’ – March 2014

Look out for her paper: Female Genital Mutilation, the failure of international obligations and how to end an abusive cultural tradition”

more info

Felicity will be speaking at the Honor Diaries Screening in Darwin, Australia on International Women’s Day – 8th March 2014

Honor_Diaries_HR_A5_Flyer copy

The Honor Diaries aims to be more than a movie – it is an international movement to save women and girls from human rights abuses.

Honour based violence is a violent crime or incident committed to protect or defend the honour of a family or community. Victims of honour violence are usually targeted because their behavior violates cultural or religious norms and is seen to bring shame onto the family or community.

more info


Felicity will be in London for the FGM report launch in Westminster – January 2014

She will also be in court in London and Leeds

more info


Watch Felicity on the Channel 4 documentary – The Cruel Cut, on Wednesday 6th November as part of the campaign to end the practice of female genital mutilation.

See the Channel 4 and Daughters of Eve websites for more info.


Felicity will present a CPD Event for CLANT on the 5th of September 2013 at William Forster Chambers, Darwin, Australia on the vexing issues surrounding vulnerable witnesses and vulnerable defendants

more info

It is anticipated that the event will be live linked to Alice Springs.


Catch Felicity defending a mock trial at Charles Darwin University open day on the 25th of August 2013 

more info

Explore the vast opportunities at CDU, learn about cutting-edge research and discover study options available to suit your needs – on campus or online from home.

Bring the family and enjoy the entertainment, competitions, food, presentations, workshops and informative displays.

The day will provide something for everyone including:

  • Campus tours
  • Trades and Hospitality demonstrations
  • Workshops and Interactive displays
  • Mini Seminars
  • Food, competitions and entertainment
  • Study information


Felicity to take part in panel discussion on FGM after Integrate Bristol “My Normal Life” Play – 29th June

more info


‘My Normal Life’ is a touching and thought provoking play written by young people largely, but not exclusively, from fgm affected communities.  It looks at the causes and effects of different forms of vawg, with several unexpected comical twists.

@felicitygerry So happy you’re speaking on the young people’s panel!…

— Lisa Zimmermann (@LisaZimmermann3) May 30, 2013


Felicity attending the LexisNexis Author Party, Royal Opera House – 26th June


Felicity speaking at the Minority Lawyers’ Seminar – Career development and social – 18th June

more info

The seminar will look at the use of social media in relation to building your career, and will be chaired by Gelaga King, Chair of the MLC Planning Group.


Launch of the Vulnerable Witness Project: The Advocates Gateway – 26th April 2013


Felicity is pleased to accept an invitation from The Advocacy Training Council to a reception to launch the Vulnerable Witness Project: The Advocates Gateway. The keynote speaker will be Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP. For further details of the event and the Vulnerable witness toolkit click here


Launch of the Women’s Room at Broadcasting House – 23rd April 2013


Felicity is pleased to accept an invitation from Caroline Criado-Perez to the launch of the Women’s Room at Broadcasting House. The women’s Room is a website dedicated to sourcing media-friendly female experts. For more information click here


Felicity at a Bar Council meeting – 20th April 2013


In her role as the junior member of the Bar Council for the South Eastern Circuit, Felicity will be attending a Bar Council meeting. If you have any issues you would like her to raise please contact her.


Felicity Gerry speaking at Midlands Asian Lawyers Association – 19th April 2013


Felicity will be speaking on 2 topics (1) Acquittals for trafficked clients and (2) Social Media and Crime

For event details, see here


Felicity will be attending the Middle Temple Women’s Forum the Forum – 17th April 2013


The Forum was set up in 2011 as a way of supporting and inspiring women practitioners and judges through the course of their careers. Lord Sumption will be speaking on judicial diversity. His Law Reform speech in November is here. Felicity’s views are here and here.

For details of the event click here


Felicity Gerry speaking at the South Eastern Circuit CPS Rape List Accredited Sexual Offences Training Course – Saturday 24 November 2012

more info 

On Saturday 24 November, the Circuit will be laying on a qualifying course for those members who have had no recent opportunity to attend an approved training course in rape or serious sexual assault. Felicity will be speaking on restrictions on questioning rape complainants and admissibility of hearsay evidence in relation to a traumatised child. Other Experts in the field will be speaking on topics such as vulnerable witnesses and witness care and sentencing in sexual cases.


The Association of Women Barristers lecture series – 7th November 2012

download event poster  |  more info

Felicity will be speaking under the title “Female Genital Mutilation – time for the first prosecution?


The Bar Council – Managing Career Breaks Seminar 16th November 2012

more info

Felicity will be the keynote speaker at this annual event which is part of the Bar Council’s Equality and Diversity Training programme

See Felicity’s article in The Guardian about life at the Bar here


SOAS on Human Trafficking – 29th October 2012

more info

Felicity will be speaking at SOAS on human trafficking where there will also be a showing of a 32 minute version of “Not My Life” that is about to be released.

Looking forward to welcoming the estimable @felicitygerry to NYU London to talk on human trafficking,w/ film-makers of

— GarySlapper (@garyslapper) October 25, 2012


Combating Corruption in a Global Environment – Halsbury’s Law Exchange in Association with Eversheds 17th July 2012

more info


Midlands Society of Asian Lawyers CPD events – 2009 to 2011

Guest speaker at Society of Asian Lawyers criminal Law conferences – focus on evidence of children, hate crime, murder defences and judicial review.

I can say as Vice Chair of the Midlands Society of Asian Lawyers that Miss Gerry has delivered brilliant seminars to our members for the last three years.  Her teaching and advice is clear, unambiguous and practical.  We have some members who are foreign lawyers, who don’t have first hand experience of the English Legal system, and they have commented that Miss Gerry’s explanation of complex legal issues were simple to understand, easy to follow and beautifully delivered”.

Amar Mehta, Director ZMS Solicitors and Vice Chair MSAL


Serious sexual offences seminar for 36 Bedford Row in association with Crown Prosecution Service – 2011

Delivering paper on the law in relation to questioning rape complainants.


First Law Training Academy – Criminal Law update 2011


Forensic Science Society Conference and AGM -2010

Speaking about how the CJS deals with violent and sexual offending by and against children.


To Iraq and Beyond – 2008 and 2009 various universities

International law and procedure with live links to Khmer Rouge defence team and Rwandan Genocide defence counsel – speaking on rape as a war crime.


From Promise to Provision – psychiatric conference -2008

NHS National Deaf. Services conference. Speaking on special arrangements for deaf witnesses and defendants.


Corporate Manslaughter – for the Open University -2008

Admissibility of business records and company history.