Felicity has a long history of dealing with cases involving human trafficking. See Carmelite Chambers web page here.

Felicity assisted lawyers in the Philippines for Mary Jane Veloso who was reprieved from execution in Indonesia whilst her status as a human trafficking victim in the drug trade is investigated. Her role was the subject of ABC Foreign Correspondent’s documentary Saving Mary Jane and she received a Charles Darwin University Ryan Family Award for commitment to excellence, outstanding results in research and innovative teaching approaches. It was recognised that “Felicity has played key roles in the development of international partnerships and has contributed to important outcomes in the region”.


In addition, Felicity has the following publications:

  • Gerry, F., Let’s talk about Slaves…Human Trafficking: Exposing hidden victims and criminal profit and how lawyers can help end a global epidemic (2015) 1 Griffith Journal of Law and Human Dignity 1.
  • Gerry F., Muraszkiewicz J., Vavoula N.,The role of technology in the fight against human trafficking: reflections on privacy and data protection concerns Computer Law & Security Review 32 ( 2016 ) 2015-217
  • 2015, submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade on Australia’s Advocacy for Abolition of the Death Penal
  • 2016, submission to the Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into Human Trafficking.
  • Is the Law is an Ass when It Comes to Mules? How Indonesia Can Lead a New Global Approach to Treating Drug Traffickers as Human Trafficked Victims – Asian International Law Journal
  • HUMAN TRAFFICKING DRUG TRAFFICKING, AND THE DEATH PENALTY accepted for publication in the Indonesian Law Review – draft was selected as the Editors Choice at the 2nd Law Scholars Writing Colloquium in Jakarta at Universitas Indonesia.
  • Three book chapters accepted for a U.S. publication on human trafficking
  • One book chapter in review on the future for women in international law
  • The VSJ decision and human trafficking frameworks in The Times
  • Human trafficking frameworks for Civil Liberties Australia
  • My HKU lecture on the Kim Jong-nam assassination and the need for a proper probe in South China Morning Post


Felicity also supervises an externship as part of the school of law at CDU in the legal clinic with Reprieve Australia. In 2015 Felicity also supervised an Honours student who researched financial remedies to human trafficking and contributed to the above submissions into Human Trafficking.

Human Trafficking: Emerging Legal Issues and Applications book out now

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To read Felicity’s publications on women and law click here.