• R v P (Gibraltar) 2017 – Defence of sexual allegations relating to a 4 year old child.
  • Chan Kam-shing (Hong Kong) 2016 – Appeal in alleged common purpose murder.
  • In the matter of X (Monserrat) 2016 – Advising on statutory interpretation of s141 Penal Code.
  • In the matter of Mary Jane Veloso (Philippines and Indonesia) 2015 – death row prisoner given a reprieve in Jakarta, Indonesia – assisting on legal issues relating to human trafficking law and referral mechanisms.
  • In the matter of Lindsay Sandiford (Indonesia) 2015 – death row prisoner in Bali, Indonesia seeking to appeal to the Indonesian Supreme Court – assisting on judicial review processes in the UK for funding purposes and on legal issues relating to a further appeal in Indonesia.
  • In the Matter of Tony DeMalmanche (Indonesia) 2015– assisting on issues in relation to the intersection of law between drug trafficking and human trafficking in Bali, Indonesia
  • In the matter of L (EU) 2014 – Advising a Swiss Bank on a conflict between a £multi–million international restraint order and an international freezing injunction in civil litigation involving restraint of assets and international freezing orders arising from a long-running investigation for bribery, money laundering and abuse of office against a Latvian oligarch.
  • R v C (UK) 2014 – Defence of alleged gang rape involving issues of extradition where the prosecution offered no evidence on the second day of the trial and the court awarded over £33,000 in wasted costs to the defendant who was a foreign national.


Judicial Review and ECHR

  • The Queen on the application of Aiden Henderson v Secretary of State for Justice [2015] EWHC 130 (Admin) Judicial review of primary legislation removing recovery of private costs of acquitted defendants
  • In the matter of Afusat Saliu 2014 application to the European Court of Human Rights for interim measures to prevent deportation where the applicant and children are at risk of forced marriage and female genital mutilation.
  • In the matter of X 2013 Judicial review of decision to charge 13 year old boy with rape of a 12 year old boy where potential context was sexual exploration. Prosecution offered no evidence.


Litigation – UK

  • In the matter of X 2015– advising on a high profile proposed claim for defamation.
  • X v Y 2014 – Settled proposed civil proceedings against a music teacher and radio presenter for alleged historic sexual abuse.
  • R v X Club 2014 – Advised on proposed civil proceedings against a Football League club in relation to alleged historic abuse by a coach.
  • B v D Local Authority 2014 – Leading in issued civil proceedings against a local authority for negligently failing to protect a child from sexual abuse.


Litigation – Australia

  • J v Minister for Lands and Planning 2016 – In the matter of Kulaluk community land, an appeal under the Heritage Act
  • V v Z 2016 – Application to Anti-discrimination Commission in relation to sexual harassment and termination of employment.
  • H v AHPRA 2016 – Variation / removal of restrictive conditions on surgical practice.
  • M v AHPRA 2016 – Instructed to act for a psychologist in relation to a prohibition.


Crime – Australia

  • R v Kenyon 2016 – Defence trial on allegations of rape and serious harm.
  • R v Spilios 2016 – Application for special leave to High Court of Australia in joint enterprise murder on issues of accessorial liability. On appeal from R v Spilios [2016] SASCFC 6
  • R v Grieve 2016 – alleged accessory to murder – advising on appeal to the High Court of Australia.
  • R v Munkara 2015 – Defence of indigenous male accused of sexual offending. Voir Dire on adducing evidence from a vulnerable indigenous complainant and admissibility of indigenous defendant’s police interview reported at The Queen v BM [2015] NTSC 73
  • R v Van Beelan 2015 – cold case murder – submissions in application for second criminal appeal under new South Australian legislation.


Crime – England

  • R v Jogee [2016] UKSC 8 – Successful appeal to the UK Supreme Court (formerly the House of Lords) which sat for the first time, at the same time as the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. Alleged joint enterprise murder. Correcting the law on foundational liability for secondary parties. Court of Appeal Report at R v Jogee [2013] EWCA Crim 1433.
  • R v X 2015 – successful appeal on behalf of a doctor accused of sexual assault on issues relating to the recall of a witness at trial.
  • R v Raynor 2015 – defence of former GB Rugby League player acquitted on allegations of rape and wounding.
  • R v W 2014 – successful appeal conviction in relation to allegations of historic sexual abuse where judicial directions were held to have been inadequate on the burden and standard of proof.
  • R v Iqbal 2014 – Prosecution trial of CEO of Southwark Muslim Women’s Association for historic sexual offending. Defendant sentenced to 8 years.
  • R v Steen [2014] EWCA Crim 1390– Defence Appeal against conviction for importation, downloading and possession of indecent images of children dealing with mens rea in such cases where it was held that judicial directions were insufficient. Convictions quashed.
  • In the Appeal of Clifton 2014 – Prosecution of rape of a pre–pubescent child where the hearsay provisions were used to rely on pre–recorded video and audio of the child’s complaints and to admit drawings and notes made by the child as well as adducing complex expert evidence in relation to indecent images and other data. An application for leave to appeal conviction was refused.
  • Operation Lambourne 2013 – Prosecution of Murder/manslaughter/ rape trial. A complex circumstantial evidence case involving expert pathology, biomedical science, toxicology, DNA. Application for leave to appeal refused.
  • R v Singh 2013 – Defence of an immigration lawyer accused of alleged human trafficking. Prosecution offered no evidence after service of defence statement.
  • R v Cox [2012] 2 Cr App R 6 – Appeal relating to an adapted trial for a vulnerable defendant which is now used in the training materials for the judicial college and the Advocacy Training Council. I am on the Management Committee for The Advocate’s Gateway which produces toolkits for advocacy with vulnerable people.