Read my article on the UK #FGM trial in Huffington Post UK

‘The UK must empower women and girls to be free from the harmful effects of female genital mutilation (FGM) by ending this global practice. Prosecuting criminal cases must be seen as part of the package of effort necessary to achieve this. FGM is a global cultural practice where female children are cut, to varying degrees […]

Felicity writes on suspect anonymity for Huffington Post UK – does the UK really need a right to anonymity?

‘In the current debate over suspect anonymity, the fundamental importance of open justice is being overshadowed by individuals who have been the subject of salacious publicity. Most recently by MP Mark Pritchard against whom allegations of rape were not pursued. Similar calls were made after the acquittal of then deputy speaker Nigel Evans. Both cases […]

Felicity writes for Huffington Post on the face veil in court in the UK

‘Baroness Hale, Deputy President of the Supreme Court, has said that women giving evidence in court should do so without a face veil. She said she had come to this view when ordering a mother in a family court case to remove her veil in order to assess whether the witness was lying and now […]

Sexual Violence in conflict can end with the empowerment of women Felicity explains

‘To end sexual violence in conflict, there needs to be more women in senior positions within the UN and other international organisations, more female ambassadors to the UN; and more women in the police and military. It is fitting that the Summit Report for the End Sexual Violence in Conflict Global Summit was released on […]

Felicity explains why there was no case to answer for Shrien Dewani for Huffington Post

‘Lawyers are often asked: How can you represent someone you know is guilty? The truth is you don’t know if anyone is guilty unless, perhaps you were a witness to events and then you wouldn’t be the lawyer. The correct answer is that a lawyer has to act based on instructions given by the client. […]