Felicity interviewed on LBC Radio yesterday about the sentencing of Stuart Hall

She explained that until 16/9/85 the maximum sentence for indecent assault on a female was 5 years if the girl was under 13. Otherwise it was 2 years. The Attorney General has the power to refer an unduly lenient sentence to the Court of Appeal and will consider how much the sentence should be discounted […]

Felicity interviews on the Hewson affair on BBC Radio London, BBC Radio Sussex & took part in an LBC Radio phone in with Iain Dale

Click below to see her article In Criminal Law and Justice Weekly (paywall down) dealing with the age of consent, anonymity of rape suspects & defending old men. read more

Felicity interviewed on LBC Radio about the Vicky Pryce trial

Felicity gave her view that even though Vicky Pryce was unsuccessful, the defence of coercion is a valuable tool for vulnerable spouses and consideration should be given to extending it to other relationships. In their entertaining radio joust, Felicity and Nick exchanged opinion on whether Vicky Pryce had let women and her children down. listen […]

Felicity Gerry appears on LBC Radio to explain the law on harassment after the verdict in the Justin Lee Collins trial

Comedian Justin Lee Collins was convicted of harassment after a trial at St Albans Crown Court in which it was alleged he had emotionally abused his former girlfriend. He was sentenced to 140 hours community service. Felicity explained to Nick Ferrari that the jury had concluded that Mr Collins’ actions amounted to harassment but the […]