I contributed to news on Lindsay Sandiford this week whilst efforts are made to form an international legal team to help her #justiceforlindsay

NZ lawyer helps defend UK grandmother sentenced to death in Bali – TV News Video | TVNZ and Bay lawyer seeks justice for death row drug mule (+ video) – Bay of Plenty Times – Bay of Plenty Times News You can help by donating here.

I had a meeting with @foreignoffice on Lindsay Sandiford’s case with her sister.

They have maintained their policy not to fund death row prisoners and will not make an exception for Lindsay despite the #trafficking issues. For justice and fairness, you can help by donating here.

We have requested a meeting with @foreignoffice on Lindsay Sandiford’s case #savelindsay

‘Lindsay Sandiford is a British Citizen sentenced to death by firing squad in Indonesia.  Lindsay has pleaded with the UK Government to help her secure funds for a competent Indonesian lawyer to help her prepare papers for a Judicial Review to look at her case again and to hopefully take into account evidence overlooked in […]