The Authors of The Sexual Offences Handbook write on anonymity & Parliamentary privilege after the comments by MP Mark Pritchard

‘In the current debate over suspect anonymity, the fundamental importance of open justice is being overshadowed by the impact on individuals who have been the subject of salacious publicity. Most recently MP Mark Pritchard against whom allegations of rape were not pursued called for a right to anonymity for suspects. Similar calls were made after […]

The Sexual Offences Handbook 2nd Edition is out now and has been endorsed by leading solicitors

“A fabulous book which instantly took me to what I needed” – Helen Johnson, Solicitor Advocate, Managing Partner, Emery Johnson Astills, Leicester.   “Very resourceful & user friendly” – Paul Morris, Partner, BCL Burton Copeland Solicitors, London   read more

For all the law on sexual offending, the up to date Sexual Offences Handbook is now available.

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Felicity Gerry writes on Ian Watkins and encryption law for The Sexual Offences Handbook Blog

‘Much has been written about the 35 year sentence for Ian Watkins. The sentencing remarks are here and make for gruesome reading. For a detailed recitation of the sentencing law in this context we recommend Lyndon Harris at UK Criminal Law Blog. However, it is also interesting to look at the law in relation to encrypted indecent images […]