Felicity Writes for The Justice Gap on the Oscar Pistorius sentence

Pistorius: Another vulnerable defendant goes to prison “If you’ll pardon the pun it was fatal for the prosecution when they had to accept Oscar Pistorius was on his stumps, in his home and shooting at the toilet door. Every case must have a theory to hang the evidence on in a logical way. Here the […]

Felicity Gerry QC on Oscar Pistorius verdicts – ‘was it a miscarriage of justice?’ for The Justice Gap

“Pistorius was a poor witness who gave inconsistent evidence but lies cannot prove guilt. Many innocent men lie for all sorts of reasons, especially when on trial for grave allegations. The law recognises this.”   read full article

Felicity Gerry QC writes for The Justice Gap on the Rolf Harris verdicts, criminal trials and civil claims

‘As Rolf Harris awaits sentence after guilty verdicts for historic indecent assaults there is a flurry of media activity analysing the verdicts and the reactions to those verdicts. In England the jokes about Rolf’s digeridoo were rife weeks ago and, once he admitted a serious breach of trust with his daughter’s friend, his reputation was tarnished forever.’ […]

Felicity writes for The Justice Gap on the CPS/ACPO action plan on rape cases & the importance of proper investigations & decisions

“Corroboration & ‘weak’ rape cases: There is a public interest in prosecuting rape. There is also a public interest in not prosecuting people for rape when it is inappropriate to do so. It is a difficult balancing exercise. Guilt or innocence cannot be assumed. We have a process for trying cases that needs to be […]