Read my article on the UK #FGM trial in Huffington Post UK

‘The UK must empower women and girls to be free from the harmful effects of female genital mutilation (FGM) by ending this global practice. Prosecuting criminal cases must be seen as part of the package of effort necessary to achieve this. FGM is a global cultural practice where female children are cut, to varying degrees […]

Felicity writes on the William Roache verdict

‘Piers Morgan once asked William Roache about bedding 1000 women. Roache gave no clear answer. The prosecution were prevented from asking Roache the same question in the recent rape trial even though his evidence appeared different from what he had intimated on TV. Why? Because Roache was on trial for rape not for what we […]

Felicity Gerry appears on LBC Radio to explain the law on harassment after the verdict in the Justin Lee Collins trial

Comedian Justin Lee Collins was convicted of harassment after a trial at St Albans Crown Court in which it was alleged he had emotionally abused his former girlfriend. He was sentenced to 140 hours community service. Felicity explained to Nick Ferrari that the jury had concluded that Mr Collins’ actions amounted to harassment but the […]