She specialises in appellate and trial advocacy for serious and complex national, transnational and international criminal cases. This has included terrorism, serious organised crime, homicide, fraud, money laundering, cybercrime, rape and sexual abuse, often with both legal and factual complexity.

She has particular experience of cases involving women, science and technological issues and adapting court processes for vulnerable victims.

Felicity also conducts some judicial review and administrative law matters. This has included Constitutional issues in the context of biosecurity and challenging decisions by various Government Ministers and administrative decision makers.

She appears in some civil litigation – particularly in the context of heritage listing of Indigenous land as well as some personal injury in the context of sexual abuse.

She is very experienced in professional disciplinary matters on behalf of medical and legal professionals.


  • Deans Medal for Master of Laws in International Governance 2018
  • Appears in complex appeal cases – Legal 500 for 2017.
  • Legal Personality of the Year: UK Solicitors Journal 160th Anniversary awards 2016.
  • NT Human Rights Award for Justice (organisations and groups) as a member of the Making Justice Work Coalition 2016.
  • Well respected for national and international appellate issues – Legal 500 for 2016.
  • Fearless and independent minded – Legal 500 for 2015.
  • 2015 CDU Ryan Family Award for commitment to excellence, outstanding results in research and innovative teaching approaches. It was recognised that “Felicity has played key roles in the development of international partnerships and has contributed to important outcomes in the region”.
  • A vastly experienced advocate noted for her experience in serious sexual cases, homicides and frauds – Chambers and Partners 2014.
  • Featured in Chambers and Partners women silks for 2014.
  • Fearless and effective advocate – Legal 500 for 2013 and 2014.
  • Tenacious in court – Legal 500 for 2012.
  • An expert in the field of sex offences – Legal 500 for 2010.

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Felicity does not provide direct public access legal services.
For legal services from Felicity Gerry QC, please contact Carmelite Chambers (UK) or Greens List (Australia) via the contact page.

Career Highlights

Notable Appeals

  • 2018 Amicus Curiae Brief Radovan Karadžić ICTY Appeals Chamber on interpretation of JCEIII liability leading a group of counsel and academics (leave granted).

  • R v Johnson 2018 and R v Henry 2018 Leading in two applications to the European Court of Human Rights for permission to appeal in ‘joint enterprise’ murder – human rights issues include racial and disability discrimination.

  • R v Finn 2018 Appeal against conviction on complicity issues and an inappropriate prosecutor’s closing address.

  • R v Honeysett 2018 Appeal against sentence including jurisprudence on Koori conversation in sentencing.

  • R v Van Beelan 2017 Appeal to the High Court of Australia on the statutory definition of “substantial miscarriage of justice” and the admissibility of fresh evidence in an alleged ‘cold case’ murder.

  • R v Henderson (a pseudonym) 2017 Appeal in relation to tendency evidence relied on by the prosecution as ‘relationship and context’.

  • R v Jogee 2016 – Successful appeal to the UK Supreme Court (formerly the House of Lords) which sat for the first time, at the same time as the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. Alleged joint enterprise murder. Correcting the law on foundational liability for secondary parties. Court of Appeal Report at R v Jogee [2013] EWCA Crim 1433.

  • Chan Kam-shing (Hong Kong) 2016 – Leading appeal in alleged common purpose murder to Court of Final Appeal following Jogee.

  • J v Minister for Lands and Planning NT  2016 – In the matter of Kulaluk community land, an appeal under the Heritage Act

Notable Trials

  • R v Abbas 2018– Leading for the defence in alleged preparation or planning for a terrorist act.
  • R v Hague 2018  – Leading for the defence in a cold case murder trial subject of the $1million cold case TV program. Issues include admissibility of out of court identification, abuse of process and fresh evidence (on appeal).
  • R v Rebelo 2018 – Leading for the defence in a manslaughter by diet pill (on appeal)
  • R v Rowe 2018 – Leading for the defence in an allegation of intentional infection of multiple sexual partners with HIV
  • R v Mardon 2018 – Leading for the defence in a high profile money laundering
  • R v P (Gibraltar) 2017 – Defence of sexual allegations involving advocacy relating to a 4 year old child.

Notable Other

  • Zak Grieve 2019 Successful petition for mercy.
  • Davis v CCRC 2018 Judicial review of decision of CCRC (on appeal)
  • R / GMC v Maung 2018 Successful appeal, retrial and disciplinary for doctor accused of sexually assaulting a patient.
  • Law Society NT  v W 2016 defence of allegation of unlawfully engaging in legal practice (First in the NT).
  • Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) v H 2016 – Variation then removal of restrictive conditions on surgical practice – agreement achieved.
  • M v AHPRA 2016 – Full hearing of an application to remove a prohibition.
  • In the matter of Mary Jane Veloso (Philippines and Indonesia) 2015 – death row prisoner given a reprieve in Jakarta, Indonesia – assisting on legal issues relating to human trafficking law and referral mechanisms and amicus curiae brief